Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sock it to me

I still am working on the socks. Only now, they're not DH's anymore; they're my dad's. I got halfway down the foot and realized: "these look way too big for my husband's ankles." Sure enough, they were! I tried them on my dad today, though, and they fit him much better. The only major drawback is that now I can't surprise him next Christmas with hand-knitted socks. But he had lots of fun with the needles tickling his feet and standing on a sheet of paper so I could measure his foot so I can get a custom fit. :)

I procured some nice new yarn to try again on DH's socks yesterday. It's Trekking Natura (75% wool, 25% bamboo.) And it's ni-ice. To obtain a better fit, I can:
  • Knit the women's size. (shh, don't tell!)
  • Use smaller needles.
  • Try Magic Loop (which my SIL says avoids the laddering you can get with DPNs).
  • Incorprate some sort of ribbing pattern.

I will ponder my approach as I work on what-are-now-dad's-socks. I may do some or all of these things.

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