Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking Ahead

So, I (finally) recounted what I did in 2009 with the needles, now I need to look ahead to what I plan to knit in 2010.

  • Finish two pairs of socks in hibernation.

  • Hats for the local hospital nursery

  • Start a Hemloch Ring blanket with my grandmother's yarn (don't feel like I have to finish it this year)

  • Christmas stockings for my Little Man

  • Crazy Monkeys socks to learn Eye of Partridge heel that my SIL raves about

  • Best Friend Cardigan for me

  • Pomatomus Socks

  • New hats for the kiddos for next winter: Who? for Pumpkin and a striped hat for the Little Man

That seems enough to be getting on with for now. I have already completed one of the socks I started last year, even:

The pattern is Die Zaubersocken and the yarn is On Your Toes by Kertzer. Loved, loved, loved this yarn. It was smooth and shmooshy and shiny and this pattern, with lots of stockinette, showed it off so well. I got exactly what I wanted by a yarn and pattern pairing. :) I do, however, need to get a better grasp of sizing... I always push on a little too long before I get started on the heel, underestimating how much length the heel will add. The picture shows a bit of scrunching up from my socks being a bit too long. I will hopefully learn!

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