Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

The Pumpkin's Christmas gifts were well-received! She has so little hair still that she's never worn bows, but I'm especialy fortunate (as a knitter) that she enjoys hats so well. I would like to have pictures, but I can't upload pictures to my computer just now.

My knitting resolution for 2009? To plan less. Last year, I had so many projects with deadlines on my queue that at times it started to feel like a chore, which is the last thing knitting should be! I got loads accomplished, but I think that 2008 will have been the only year that I tried to knit gifts for everyone for Christmas. (And I think the baby boom will slow down a bit.)

Unfortunately, my pregnancy isn't going as well as hoped and I'm sort of laid up for a while. It makes it hard to knit because I'm not supposed to be upright for long. And I imagine after Little Roo is born that I won't have as much time on my hands to knit (ha, you think? Thank you Captain Obvious...) So my slowdown on projects is partly practical.

But also, I want to have the freedom to pick up whatever strikes my fancy whenever it does. Last year, I had so many things planned that I had no room to grab a project or class that just struck me and I don't want that to happen this year!

Still, I did tons in 2008:
2 Big people scarves
1 Little person scarf
1 baby blanket
1 toddler dress
1 set snowman ornaments
1 set dishcloths
1 pair booties
9 baby/toddler hats
5 pairs socks

I completed a stuffed bear started in 2007 and
I started a toddler sweater for Pumpkin.

This year I will knit a hat for my new baby and a hat for a friend's baby. I want to also do the socks for my Mother-in-Law that I put off last year when I ran out of time, and I want to get started on an afghan I planned for our living room. That's all I have planned... for now! Everything else is just icing on the cake. (mmm... cake...)

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